Sunday, October 6, 2013

Greetings from the Kenya Migration

There is so much food during the migration for the carnivores that even the vultures don't want to eat.

Here I am in the Bush with a dead wildebeest.  You can see inside it.  Its leg looks like it has a sock on it.

Migration happens twice a year.  There is so much land full of wildebeest.  3 million of them travel thousands of miles across Tanzania to come to Kenya so they can graze.  In August and September the animals migrate to Tanzania and in February they come back to Kenya.  They go around in circles.

During the great migration, there’s so much drama.  When the wildebeest run -  the land shakes.  Especially when the animals cross the Maasai River.  It’s just dust and thunder. 

The air is so thick with dirt that you smell and feel the dust while the thunder of the wildebeests’ hooves pound the ground as they stampede.  The earth under your feet shakes so hard that the vibration rises up through your whole body and takes hold of you.  It’s so powerful.