Saturday, July 16, 2016


3:00 a.m. and suddenly, I woke up in my tent.  I thought my ear drums were going to break.

A lion was in our camp.  It was roaring and roaring - so loudly I knew it was very close to me.

I had one chance to photograph it.  Without hesitation, I grabbed my camera and camp light - and  ran out into the darkness, completely naked, with just my camera and light in hand....

The moments felt like hours as I stepped out into the night - just a few feet from my tent.

His shadow was moving across the African floor - so large - so powerful.  And now, so close to me.  Would it retreat back into the bush... or attack?

I held my breath to steady the shot and in one move, I held up the light in one hand and clicked with the other then ran back into my tent.  I didn't look back except to zip up my fabric home, catching my breath and hoping no one saw me without my clothes on!