Saturday, March 30, 2019


I walked to the mouth of the cave with my guide.  I looked ahead and saw drama... I love an adventure.

I was expecting to enter the cave with my guide but she refused to go any further and stayed behind as I walked past her.  I didn't know why she was afraid to go with me.  She said nothing of the potential danger. Besides, the location was inviting me to explore it.  And so, I kept walking.

I was mesmerized by the lighting and texture of the cave which kept me walking farther inside until I realized that I was all by myself.  I stopped. "Boy, this is so perfect," I thought.  "Here I am with my tripod and no people!"

I started setting up for a shot.  My camera readied on the tripod when all of the sudden, the ground started shaking.  I had no clue how big the quake was.  I was inside the mountain; it surrounded me above, below and on both sides.  It was so solid that it muffled the sound of the moving earth - it was just me and my camera trying to stand still.  I was shaking and my camera was shaking.  And I didn't know where to go.  I didn't know how far I was in the cave.

This was a moment to remember.

When everything became still I remained where I was.  Shortly thereafter, the guards found me and immediately escorted me out of the cave.  When I found my guide, I asked her, "Why did you let me in?"  She didn't have an answer.  I fired her on the spot and hired a ride back to the city.

Later I found out that the earthquake was so big that the local tribes were badly affected.  I was lucky to have been inside the cave because it was very safe.  Yes... it was another solo magic moment!